Thinking Outside the Block with Mega Bloks 1-2-3 Train

We recently got the 1-2-3 Train by Mega Bloks First Builders for our son and would really love to share our review with everyone here!

This is how the box looks like. It comes with lots of colorful blocks and wheels which is great for your pre-schooler to learn colors!

mega bloks 123 train   mega bloks 123 train

Here is the manual on how to attach the blocks to the wheels.  This is a 50-piece set and it includes First Builders blocks, special parts, three rolling wheelbases, and three building plates

mega bloks 123 train

I love that it comes with sticker sheet that has numbers from 0 to 9 for you to stick on the blocks. My son loves to play BUY and SELL and these blocks are ideal as we can use the blocks as our trading MONEY $$$! It teaches my son how to recognize numbers when he uses it to pay for the things he wants to buy!!

mega bloks 123 train

My son enjoys building up the train. It encourages his creative mind to think of ways to build fun looking and colorful train that he loves.

mega bloks 123 train

He will also build a train station with tunnel for the train to go through. The blocks with numbers are the passengers and they’re placed on the train and some are even waiting at the train station. When the train reaches the station, the ‘passengers’ on the train will get off and the ones queuing up at the train station will hop on!!! It’s amazing how his little creative mind works!!

mega bloks 123 train

What I love most about the First Builders collection is that they’re BIG enough for the little builders’ small hands. The size makes it easier for them to pick up and put them together!

Overall, I’d say that it’s a very good toy for pre-schoolers to play with! There are endless ways for them to build and play with the blocks and they make learning so much fun! It definitely keeps my son playing for at least an hour and I really love that because it means more ME time for me!

The Mega Bloks 123 Train is available now at many retailers and they’re compatible with all First Builders sets.


Disclaimer : This post is not sponsored. Toys and opinions are our own.